Virtual Reality Consultant

Virtuality is changing the way users engage with brands and have fun in the digital space. We can help on board your team with that technology.

Futuristic Films

We were invited out to Futuristic Films for an afternoon of exploratory VR demos.  Showing off a combination of interactive video games and narrative storytelling all had a good time.

LegWork Studios

Legwork invited us for a technical demonstration of the HTC Vive technology.  Room scale VR offers a more immersive experience than the Oculus or mobile VR.  The technical folks at Legwork got a chance to jump, dive, dip, duck and dodge in VR.

RedBull Doodle Art

RedBull invited us out to the Denver Metro Campus for an entire day of painting in Google Tilt Brush.  Students and staff had a blast creating all manner of art in virtual reality.

Other Events

Develop Denver

Cactus Agency Denver

Frist Fridays @ Spruce on Tennyson Street