Nerd As A Verb

Nerdwithus was born from the idea that everyone should be excited about creating for the internet. Any idea can have its time in the light and technology shouldn’t be a barrier to entry. It can be scary looking for the right person or team to build your idea. We invite you to share your idea with us; if we can’t build it for you then we have a network of talented and brilliant folks who can.  

Daniel was born and raised on the east coast in Virginia Beach VA. Growing up with a curiosity for how things work, Dan had a natural affinity for tinkering with technology. Initially deciding to follow in his father’s footsteps as a tradesman, Dan’s early career included time as a fire & flood restoration technician and he achieved the Journeyman designation in fields related to insurance restoration.

It wasn’t until Dan’s mid-to-late twenties that he decided to pursue his love for tinkering with technology as a career. Attending ECPI University he earned a degree Computer Information Systems with a specialization in Web Development. Dan’s internship at the digital agency Grow Interactive revealed a niche for the hard working ‘measure twice cut once’ mentality of a tradesman in the digital ad world. Working for 2 years on campaigns for Google, HP, FedEx and other large brands, he decided to take his career to Denver, CO.

Dan was hired by a small startup company disrupting the online retail licensed-merchandise space in the video game industry. Helping grow a company by designing and building official merchandise stores for the industry’s tops brands, Dan has made a name for himself in the geek commerce space.

Titles & Such

Successful projects start with the right partners.  These companies are best in class for what they do and we rely on their expertise when clients need help with work outside our skillset.

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