Every website I build is responsive.  When a client approaches me and asks for a ‘responsive’ website what they are asking for is a website that will work for as many of their users as possible.

There are many responsive css frameworks in the market now.   Twitter’s very popular BootStrap, Bourbon Framework maintained by the lovely nerds over at ThoughtBot Inc and Zurb’s Foundation for sites are among the most popular.

My personal favorite is Foundation for Sites 6.

Zurb has a knack for making an incredibly performant and widely supported framework.  In the close to 4 years I’ve been using their design patterns to build responsive websites I have never had a compatibility problem with any of the major browsers.  The updates they release to the platform always coincide with features that will be supported by the most browsers.

The Best Parts

Parts That Need Polish


My own portfolio was built with a stripped down and customized version of Foundation for sites.  I would love to hear your thoughts on responsive frameworks and see the problems you’ve solved using solutions like these.  hit me up on twitter or email.