Dead Space 3 The Dev Team Edition

The Collector Edition that changed an Industry

The Dead Space 3 Collector’s Edition website and merchandise bundle was a project in which we were heavily involved.  In partnership with Treehouse Brand Stores we developed a premium Collector’s Edition that brought some of the most iconic items in the Dead Space universe to life. The Marker statue, journal, water bottle and posters were all developed with assets sourced directly from the game itself.

We even included an Alternate Reality Game hidden in the accompanying journal. One page of the journal had a QR code logo while another page had a password; when users combined these two elements together they were given a selection of secret behind the scenes concept images from the creators of Dead Space at Visceral Games.

The site itself showcases the individual parts of the Collector Edition. Simple and concise with a detailed video, the site did much to boost community awareness of the project. We created 5,000 individually numbered merchandise bundle units, which sold out within one week.