Eidos Montreal Official Store

Thief & Deux Ex Merchandise

The Eidos Montreal Store is the flag ship merchandise store for all of Eidos’s video game properties, including Deus Ex and Thief. This e-commerce site is designed to showcase officially licensed items that are created by ThinkGeek Denver.

Front End
The front end is designed to match the color palette of the two franchises that Eidos exclusively produces. When a user selects a product or game category the website will change the layout and UI to complement the colors and aesthetic of each game.

Back End
The branded stores for ThinkGeek Denver each use a common core theme and rely heavily on front end magic to make them individually unique. Every view in Magento 1.x is customized to allow for quickly skinnable and deployable e-commerce stores, the idea being that that the online stores themselves ought to be a low maintenance component of the overall end- to- end manufacturing, sale and distribution of white label merchandise.