Recruitment Software for the rest of us

Working with the fantastic team over at New Why Web, we helped turn WordPress into an enterprise-level theme. Gild required a massive overhaul of their website, and designs for the visual components and a breakdown of the back end components were delivered to us for construction.

Gild’s innovation in the recruitment space was so successful that it was eventually acquired in early 2016 by Citadel (  The brand was sunset shortly after this acquisition.

Front End
Gild’s Front End consists of approximately 70 customized Advanced Custom Field components. We developed the framework on top of Foundation 5 so that each of these components could have a base structure, allowing the site’s admin users to leverage our page builders built with Advanced Custom Fields to customize each component on demand.

Back End
Gild’s back end relies on 4 custom post taxonomies, a 70 component page builder, 3 configurable navigation menus, Indeed job posting API integration, WPEngine hosting and deployment and integration with Marketo landing pages